Air Bar Max Berries Shake Disposable Vape Review

Air Bar Max Berries Shake is a 6.5ml salt nic e-liquid that comes preloaded into a sleek and aesthetic disposable device. Each device is capable of 2000 puffs and requires zero maintenance – just a simple trip to the trash once it’s empty!

Try out the tantalizing flavor of fresh blueberries and tangy blackcurrants in an iced blend. You can also savor the fruity combination of Kiwi Berry Ice and Red Bull Ice, or indulge in the sweet and creamy taste of Melon Shake.

Authentic Flavor

Air Bar Max is a prefilled disposable vape that offers a mouth-to-lung vaping experience. It features a small tank that holds 6.5ml of salt-based nic liquid with a built-in 1250mAh battery. The Air Bar Max comes in a wide variety of delicious flavors from fruits, drinks, and desserts.

The Air Bar Max has a unique design that is different from other disposable vapes. Its juice container and heating element are offset from the battery unit to create a more ergonomic design. This allows for more efficient heating and prevents dry hits.

The Air Bar Max Berries Shake is a refreshing blend of berries and cream that will delight your taste buds. It also has a menthol finish to give it an extra twist of flavor. Other great flavors to try include: Kiwi Berry Ice – Indulge your senses in this exotic fusion of kiwi and berry flavor. Cool Mint – Refresh your taste buds with a minty yet cooling mixture of mint and menthol flavor.

Sleek Design

Air Bar Max Berries Shake is a tasty dessert flavor that has been expertly crafted with the most delicious berries, layered over a fluffy butter spread and jammed into a smooth whipped cream that will linger on your taste buds.

With a large 6.5ml pre-filled vape juice capacity and a powerful 1250mAh battery, Air Bar Max is the perfect portable device for vaping on the go. With a variety of mouth-watering flavors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you.

Air Bar Max has a sleek design and is easy to use. It also comes with a soft nozzle that is comfortable for your throat and mouth. Plus, it’s pre-filled with 6.5ml of nicotine salt e-liquid so you can start vaping right away. The smooth throat hit and delicious flavors will keep you coming back for more. Try all of the amazing flavors including Aloe Blackcurrant, ALIPPS, Apple Shake, Banana Shake, Berry Lemon Ice, Blueberry Blackcurrant, Cherry Blossom Grape, Guava Ice, Cool Mint, Kiwi Berry Ice, Red Mojito, Energy Drinks, and Corns & Chips.

Long Battery Life

With a 1250mAh battery power, the Air Bar Max can provide an impressive 2000 puffs before needing recharging. Each device is also prefilled with 6.5ml of salt nicotine e-liquid, eliminating the need for messy refills and purchasing your own e-liquid.

This disposable vaporizer features a soft nozzle and class A battery with 10s cut-off protection, low voltage and short circuit protection to keep you safe while vaping. Its compact size and low weight make it easy to carry, making it ideal for on-the-go vaping.

The new Air Bar MAX by Suorin offers a great mouth-to-lung draw with its 1.6ohm coil that delivers a smooth throat hit. Its design is sleek and durable, with an impressive range of unique flavors to choose from. These devices are disposable and require no maintenance, just a quick trip to the trash once it has reached its end of life.

Easy to Use

The Air Bar Max disposable vape device from Suorin comes pre-filled with 6.5ml of nicotine salt eliquid and offers 2000+ puffs. It is simple to use and requires zero maintenance or refilling.

The e-liquid for this portable device is created by combining the awesome touch of flavoring agents (varying with each of the flavors) and the appropriate amount of nicotine strength that is 5%, ensuring every inhalation is sweet and smooth. Each inhalation will leave your throat and palate intensely satisfied, giving you a potent jolt of energy even during the most draining day.

At Smoke Alley, we proudly carry the Air Bar Max at all of our stores in Texas and can offer you a wide variety of delicious flavors including: